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14 05, 2019

Everything You Should Know About Your Hunger Hormones

By |2019-05-14T19:08:05+00:00May 14, 2019|BHRT, Hormone Levels, Mens Health, Weight Loss, Womens Health|

We have discussed many different aspects of hormones on this blog, and the reader is most likely aware that hormones function as signaling molecules. They are secreted from one part of the body, travel through the bloodstream, and arrive at a target tissue to transmit the message. Most of our [...]

3 05, 2019

Do You Suffer from Anxiety? Hormones Might be the Cause

By |2019-05-03T09:00:48+00:00May 3, 2019|BHRT, Depression, Hormone Levels|

Approximately 18% of the adult American population suffers from an anxiety-related disorder and women are more than twice as likely to have mood disorders (McHenry, 2013). Anxiety is a psychological condition that can appear due to a multitude of causative factors. However, this large disparity between genders begs the question [...]

18 04, 2019

Women’s Hormones and Oral Health

By |2019-04-18T09:00:00+00:00April 18, 2019|Hormone Levels, Menopause, Womens Health|

The hormones that a woman’s body makes are very powerful. Most of us don’t know that these hormones affect the health of your mouth, gums, and teeth.  There are both positive and negative effects depending on which hormone and the relative amounts of those hormones.   The first situation women can experience [...]

8 04, 2019

Good Foods To Eat During Menopause

By |2019-04-08T09:08:48+00:00April 8, 2019|BHRT, Hormone Levels, Menopause, Womens Health|

When a woman approaches or enters menopause, one of the primary things which needs to be adjusted is her diet. The biggest issue is weight gain which is very prominent during this time of life, so we must address both the quantities and types of food being consumed.  The average weight [...]

3 04, 2019

ADHD and Hormones: Is There a Link?

By |2019-04-03T08:24:07+00:00April 3, 2019|Hormone Levels, Mens Health, Womens Health|

Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder most commonly observed in childhood and adolescence, though symptoms continue into adulthood in approximately 75% cases. In adulthood, symptoms may be associated with concurrent depression or mood disorders, and substance abuse. Many adults with ADHD struggle with work performance and [...]

26 03, 2019

Irritable Male Syndrome: What is it?

By |2019-03-26T15:24:27+00:00March 26, 2019|BHRT, Hormone Levels, Mens Health|

The term “Irritable Male Syndrome” is defined as unusual levels of low mood and irritability occurring in men as they age and thus have constantly declining testosterone levels. Of course, some men are just born to be grumpy old men, but for others, hormone issues are the cause of many [...]

20 03, 2019

Are you Tired of Being Tired? BHRT can Help!

By |2019-03-20T16:07:55+00:00March 20, 2019|BHRT, Hormone Levels|

As we age, symptoms of fatigue, weight gain, sleep disturbances, depression, decreased sex drive, anxiety and joint pain begin to cloud our daily routines. If you are in your 30’s or older and are exhibiting these symptoms, you are not alone. Many feel these symptoms come with the territory of [...]

4 03, 2019

Is Stress Affecting Your Hormones?

By |2019-03-04T19:09:12+00:00March 4, 2019|BHRT, Depression, Hormone Levels, Menopause, Mens Health, Pellets, Sex Drive, Sleep, Testosterone|

We all know that stress is bad but do you know how it can affect your body? Stress can affect various processes in the body like hormone production, the menstrual cycle, and fertility in women and men as well as digestion and immune function. When your body is exposed to [...]

18 02, 2019

Is Coffee Hurting Your Hormones?

By |2019-02-18T09:00:51+00:00February 18, 2019|Hormone Levels|

I have been around the medical profession long enough to know that bodies can respond differently to the same situations. One of the differences in these responses is with coffee. Some people get nervous or jittery, while others just feel “up” for several hours.  For the vast majority of coffee drinkers [...]

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