We can help you REGAIN ENERGY AND MENTAL CLARITY while feeling younger and happier!

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) provides women and men with a natural form of hormones when their body is not producing enough on its own. The most significant advantage of bio-identical hormones is that they are identical in structure to the natural hormones produced by the body, which means you are not placing anything synthetic into your body. BHRT comes in creams, gels, pills, injections, and pellets.

Pellets are the most natural way to deliver bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) in both men and women. Pellets deliver a consistent release of hormone levels over an extended period of time, typically 3–6 months. This means only 2–4 visits to the medical office per year! The procedure typically takes 10–15 minutes, and most people are comfortable resuming daily activities immediately after their appointment. Best of all, your dosage is customized based on your labs and our customized dosage calculator.

Not all pellets are created equally. Our pellets are formulated to the highest standards under sterile conditions by Pharmacy Solutions, a PCAB accredited pharmacy in both sterile and non-sterile compounding. The pellets are created in our modern sterile compounding room that meets all of the PCAB requirements, all of the State Board of Pharmacy requirements, and all of the natural USP requirements. Upon completion, a sample of every batch of pellets is sent to an independent, third-party FDA-registered laboratory for testing where they are tested for potency and sterility.

*Only 2% of compounding pharmacies are PCAB certified


Men experience a similar decline in hormone levels that women experience when they go through menopause. This is known as andropause in men, and this change occurs more slowly starting around the age of 30. Testosterone levels in men typically drop about 1% per year. It is estimated that 40% of men between the ages of 54 to 64 have levels below the lower limit of normal.

These lower levels of testosterone play a critical role in the quality and quantity of life in males. The decline in testosterone levels have been shown to be a risk factor for heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, osteoporosis, and diabetes. The goal of testosterone replacement in men is to bring the levels back into a normal range while managing the symptoms of low testosterone levels.


Today’s women prefer natural hormones. In a survey of a nationally representative sample of 1,009 women aged 40 and older, 83% said they would prefer to use hormones that are similar to their own body’s hormones. Bio-identical hormones include estrone (El), estradiol (E2), estriol (E3), progesterone, testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), and pregnenolone.

The goals of BHRT therapy include:

  • Alleviating the symptoms caused by the natural decrease in production of hormones by the body
  • Giving the protective benefits which were originally provided by naturally occurring hormones
  • Re-establishing a hormone balance

Every woman is unique. That is why the Pharmacy Solutions compounding specialists work together with patients and prescribers to provide customized BHRT in the best strength and dosage form to meet each woman’s specific needs and minimize the potential for side effects.


Andropause (also known as the male menopause) is the gradual decline in testosterone levels in middle-aged men. These declining testosterone levels have numerous signs and symptoms, and may include among others the following: Weakness, Fatigue, Disturbed sleep, Reduced libido, Osteoporosis, Heart disease, Irritability, Erectile dysfunction, Depression, anxiety, Reduced muscle mass, Reduced cognitive function. Take our A.D.A.M Questionnaire to see if you are suffering from low testosterone.



The human body is made up of so many different muscles, tendons, chemicals, tissues and hormones—each with their own unique purpose and design. However, in the female body, one of the most prominent components in their system is a hormone known as estrogen. It is responsible for so many things throughout the entire system. However, as women age, especially after their reproductive years, they often struggle to maintain the right estrogen balance.



While hormones can’t turn back the clock and completely reverse the signs of aging, they can help the body return to its natural, balanced state and remedy issues such as these. Proper hormone balance can not only help with aging, vitality and muscle strength, but it can also help with disease prevention as well. Countless men and women from all over the world have already found how much their lives can change with hormone pellets. If you are considering this type of treatment program for yourself, it is important that you first know your rights before you get started.




I have been on topical hormone replacement for 12 years due to a total hysterectomy. I thought I was doing great until I heard from other women about pellets. I decided to try this to compare. The symptoms that I thought were “normal” and just part of the aging process are gone and sleep is very much improved as well. What a difference! There is no going back!!

Anonymous Pro-Pell patient

Our clinic has utilized many of the services at Pharmacy Solutions, including compounded medications, Pro-Pell hormone replacement therapy, and the Transform medical weight loss program. I am so grateful to have Pharmacy Solutions as a collaborative partner in my patient’s care. I have become a better and more effective nurse practitioner because of the services and programs that Pharmacy Solutions provides.

Kayse Freehauf, FNP-C

When I was considering coming over to Pharmacy Solutions, you had sent me the cost per pellet and it was a few dollars more per pellet than I was paying… The quality of your pellets is by far better, and you have reports for every batch made that consistently demonstrates the amount of testosterone to be 200mg. With most male clients, I was using around 1800-2000mb of testosterone. With Pharmacy Solutions, I am only using 1000. So, IF I keep getting consistent testosterone blood levels, then I am using about 1/2 the number of pellets I use to use. So although the pellets may cost me a bit more, I am using a lot less pellets, so they actually cost me a lot less.

Dr. John Stevens, DNP, RN, NP-C, ANP-BC

Tom Siegenthaler is a world-class compounding pharmacist with a huge depth of experience and wisdom. He and his staff at Pharmacy Solutions are extremely knowledgable, thorough, and dedicated in their work, and have contributed tremendously to the health and wellbeing of my patients and myself! Tom also sponsors conferences with experts in their anti-aging field to provide timely and relevant information that makes me more effective in my medical practice. I am grateful to Tom and his incredible staff for helping to make me a better clinician!

Linda Waki Ho, MD
The training was very thorough and everyone was personable. What I valued most was that the training was EVIDENCE based. 
Dr. Farley

I have been very pleased working with Pharmacy Solutions over the past 5 years. We use Pharmacy Solutions for compounding as well as their ProPell program. I count on the support I receive from their staff at all levels. It is so important to have clinical resources that are reliable and accessible. From the staff that take care of the day to day business and the pharmacists that manage and assist with medications, Pharmacy Solutions is not only patient focused but they are provider friendly which makes my work a lot easier! 

Whitney Johnson, NP

Since partnering with Pharmacy Solutions I have been able to provide my patients with consistent reliable BHRT. The results are in the outcomes and improvement of my patient’s quality of life. I am reassured that every pellet I insert in a patient has been tested to the strictest standard. The team at Pharmacy Solutions is great to work with. The pharmacists are always helpful and take a collaborative approach to create the best compounded prescriptions for my patients.

Judy Follo, APRN, FNP-C

I am very pleased with the Pro-Pell pellet program, service, education, and good patient outcomes. Having looked at all the alternative pellet programs, I find this one to be better.

Al Morris, MD

What a fantastic day! I can not express how excited I am that I had the opportunity to become a Pro-Pellet provider. The class was fast paced, informative, and challenging. The hospitality was so meaningful, and the demonstrations at the end of the day were incredibly helpful! Please extend my gratitude to all our instructors and staff from Friday. Really amazing work!!

Aimée P. Rivas, FNP-BC