There is a misconception or myth about the relationship of testosterone and prostate cancer in males.  For decades, the idea that testosterone would increase, cause or make worse prostate cancer in men existed.  This belief, unfortunately, is not based on any kind of science or studies.  So, what are the facts about testosterone?

The facts about testosterone in men are- There is no, not even one study that shows that testosterone causes or makes worse prostate cancer, NOT ONE.

What we do know, what science tells us is that- Men with the highest levels of testosterone have the LOWEST rates of prostate cancer.  Men with the highest levels of testosterone have less aggressive prostate cancers, that is they have better outcomes if they do get prostate cancer. On the contrary, several large medical studies are underway where they are giving men with prostate cancer testosterone, and guess what they have already found?  Men who have had prostate cancer who are given testosterone have less reoccurrence of prostate cancer compared to men who were not given testosterone.

Having said all of this, what’s the bottom line if I am concerned about prostate cancer and taking a testosterone supplement.  Studies show that I am better off taking testosterone.  It does matter what form you take – science also tells us this.

Hormone implants (pellets) are superior and safer than creams, and certainly injectable.  There is no acceptable oral form of testosterone.